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  • Hide QuotesWhen the turnover of traded products, especially special products, is declining, it is possible that hidden quotations will appear. We do not deliberately "hide" the offer. Sometimes the point differen…More++
  • HedgeHedging allows a trader to hold a buying and selling position of the same currency pair at the same time, although hedging may reduce or limit future losses, but it is not guaranteed to avoid any furth…More++
  • Reduced marginThe margin may be required, even if an account has been completely hedged, as a result of the change in the margin will lead to a reduction in the available margins in the account. Because the change o…More++
  • Rate of JumpForex: The Monday opening price may be the same as the closing price of Friday. The exchange rate on Sunday One is sometimes close to the closing price of Friday, and in other cases, the Friday closing…More++
  • SummaryThe ECN represents the CFD contract. CFDs have existed for many years in different forms. In short, they are financial instruments that use margin in a transaction to buy or sell financial products (su…More++
  • What is margin trading?Margin trading is a form of forex spot trading. Because the transaction is not delivered, you do not need to convert it to any commodity or stock. Because no liquidation or full transaction is due, mar…More++
  • TransactionTrading CfD, you only have to put in your account the initial deposit required by the commodity. For example, Vodafone stock, if the margin requirement is 5%, you only need to put in the percentage of …More++
  • What is the purchase price/selling price?Almost every financial commodity has a two-way price. That is, your purchase price and price in a particular market. When trading CfD, the currency you use to trade is generally the base currency of th…More++
EMR FX Forex Course Schedule
1: "K line type"10:"Use the golden section to find support and pressure"
2: "Combination of K Lines" 11: "Find Support and Stress with Support and Pressure Lines"
3: "K Line Pattern" 12: "Historical Highs and Lows and Intensive Deal Areas Looking for Support and Stress"
4: "Introduction and Application of Bollinger Bands" 13: "Moving Average, K Line, MACD Construction Trading System"
5: "Introduction and Application of Moving Average" 14: "Bollinger Bands, K Lines, MACD Construction Trading System"
6: "Introduction and Application of MACD Indicators" 15: "Bollinger Bands, K Line, STO Building a Trading System"
7: Introduction and Application of the STO Index 16: "The Band of the Golden Bands Construct a Trading System"
8: Seeking Support and Stress Using Bollinger Bands "17:" Three Moving Average System Construction Transaction Models"
9:" Using Moving Average Look for support and stress "

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